Regional Impact

Organizations are building power and stacking local wins that lead up to regional and state-wide solutions for housing justice and equitable development.  

Credit: Fresno Barrios Unidos

Supporting movement infrastructure and impact

Over the last four years we set out to strengthen the power of communities in regions throughout the state to advance housing justice and equitable development at the local, regional and state level.

Organizing Infrastructure

Regional Connectivity

Flexible Funding

Our Reach

We support strategic collaboration and connection to build community power at the local, regional and statewide levels.

Statewide Networks

Meeting California’s Housing and Community Needs

Statewide community leaders are organizing in Sacramento as well as in cities and counties across California to enact policies that center residents and their needs as opposed to developers and speculators. The Community Advisors whose lead we follow organize in communities that lack strong tenant protections where residents are most vulnerable.

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Bay Area

Bay Area Expands Housing Justice to Encompass Community Well-Being

Organizers across the Bay Area are increasing their focus on mental health and well-being, recognizing how the challenges communities face lead to very real and human consequences.

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Central Valley

Central Valley Builds Power to Guarantee Homes for All

In addition to pushing for expansive eviction protections, Central Valley leaders launched the Homes Guarantee campaign in early May 2021.

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Inland Region

Inland Region Powers Multi-Racial Organizing for Housing Justice

Community partners used targeted resources and convening infrastructure to organize, advocate, and push back against systemic racism and housing discrimination.

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Los Angeles

Advancing A Housing Justice North Star

LA organizations designed and united in a vision for housing justice that continues to guide their work today.

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Having a strong public foundation partner that is so deeply aligned with our values around racial justice and power building is unique, because it’s an opportunity to partner on not just issue areas but to fund in a way that sometimes we can’t fund it, or to experiment in ways that we often are not able to experiment in our own foundation. 


Community organizing is a means of building power. Without community organizing there may be more housing built or there may be some changes around the policy related to housing elements or planning policies, but there will not be a true and more transformative change around decommodifying housing and ultimately no substantial wins.


There is a growing consensus among groups large and small in California around pushing for social housing. We’ve all long asked the questions connected to scale, but it’s not just about land trusts, it’s about getting people to realize there’s a different way to look at ownership. And there are paths to decommodifying housing.

I think that’s just going to be a very exciting area of work in the coming years.


Things that we thought would take years to do are happening in a matter of months. The pressure we built in the first few years really got traction and came to a head during COVID. We were able to really move the needle in these four years.